Background on the Playground
Background on the Playground
The Athlete's Playground was created to fill New Mexico's strength and conditioning knowledge gap by creating a link between proper education and knowledge with safe and fun age-appropriate exercises using correct techniques and form.
The Athlete’s Playground is the only privately owned and operated functional strength and conditioning gym that is endorsed by Dr. Len Kravitz, Exercise Science Director at the University of New Mexico. We have an internship program setup through the Exercise Science Department to ensure highly educated, trained, qualified, and nationally certified strength coaches are working with you.
We provide high-quality strength and conditioning training for adults, teens, and children.
The Athlete’s Playground has knowledgeable, experienced, and college-educated strength coaches to lead and guide every adult, teenager, and child through proper dynamic warm-up exercises, proper form and technique building drills, age-appropriate workouts, and the correct “cool down” exercises to loosen tight muscles and increase the range of flexibility.
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