Adult One-on-One Training

Our Adult one-on-one training is setup for one coach to work with one Adult. The one-on-one training comes with an initial assessment and measurements, so we can determine a baseline and design a program specifically to your strengths, weaknessess and imbalances. Every one-on-one program that is designed is unique and customized specifically for you.

Adult Private (Small) Group Training

The Adult private group training is setup for one coach to work with a small number of participants. The adult private group training is designed to feel like one-on-one training in a small group setting  ranging from 2-5 participants.  An initial assessment and measurements are taken for all participants in the group and a program is designed based on what each particular individual needs. The private programs are still unique in every way, but just covers a more wide range due to multiple participants.

Adult Team Training (Large) Group

The adult team or large group training programs are setup for one to two coaches to work with entire teams or groups that consist of ten or more participants. An initial assessment is performed before training begins so that our coaches can tailor a customized program specifically for your group or team. We can train a team or large group at our facility or our mobile unit can bring the training to you.

Adult Functional Strength Classes

Our Adult high-intensity classes are designed to safely help you accomplish your fitness goals in a personal group setting. We lead you and other adults through safe, challenging, intense, efficient, yet effective workouts. We focus heavily on form in these classes to reduce the overall chances of injury inside and outside the gym.