Each training session is one (1) hour in length. Youth training focuses on fundamentals, proper form, and technique. Proper form is never taken lightly at The Playground. We make sure that every child and/or teen is using correct form before the training progresses. Our trainers are passionate and very knowledgeable when it comes to training children and teenagers. We focus on developing the proper ways to move, exercise, train, and play with minimal injury.
Mobility, control, balance, and flexibility are some of the key areas of focus when it comes to children along with body-weight and resistance training. For our older athletes, usually teenagers, we incorporate weight-lifting and more challenging resistance exercises. Whether your child or teen is involved in sports, looking to tackle weight-loss, or wants to be in better shape, we have several programs that can be tailored to fit you and your child or teen’s specific needs, wants, and goals.

Youth One-on-One Training

Youth one-on-one training is setup for one coach to work with one child or teen. The one-on-one training comes with an initial assessment, so we can determine a base and design a program specifically to your child or teen's strengths, weaknessess and imbalances. Every one-on-one program that is designed is unique and customized specifically for your child or teen

Youth Private (Small) Group Training

The youth private group training is setup for one coach to work with a small number of participants. The youth private group training is designed to feel like one-on-one training in a small group setting  ranging from 2-5 participants.  An initial assessment is taken for all participants in the group and a program is designed based on what each particular individual needs. The private programs are still unique in every way, but just covers a wider range due to multiple participants.

Youth Team Training (Large) Group

The youth team or large group training programs are setup for one to two coaches to work with entire teams or groups that consist of ten or more participants. An initial assessment is performed before training begins so that our coaches can tailor a customized program specifically for your group or team. We can train a team or large group at our facility or our mobile unit can bring the training to you.

Youth Sports Performance Classes

The Athlete’s Playground is offering classes for young athletes who want to perform better and are ready to take their game to the next level. From Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, and Volleyball, we teach the fundamentals to excel past the competition. we develop SPEED, we develop QUICKNESS, we develop STRENGTH, we develop POWER, we develop EXPLOSIVENESS…we build ATHLETES.