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triple threat 3-on-3 adult basketball league 

The Athlete's Playground is proud to introduce The Triple Threat 3-on-3 adult basketball league! the triple Threat 3v3 league is not your ordinary basketball league in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it's BETTER!  Gameplay is influenced by 3-on-3 FIBA Rules, 5-on5 rules, and new rules.  With only 3 players and 1 substitute on each team, this gives every player the ability to showcase their basketball skills.  Unlike the 5-on-5 gameplay, players are not required to be specialists, rather they should be a versatile all-around basketball player, with a complete skillset on offense and defense.  The game is designed to go up against your opponent in 1-on-1 situations.  This allows exciting highlights and plays to occur on both offense and defense. A  dynamic and innovative basketball game that will get the atmosphere in the gym on the edge of their seat.

triple threat 3-on-3 basketball

3-on-3 adult basketball league info


Please read rules & regulations below

triple threat 3-0n-3 Basketball


3-on-3 registration
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important registration information

The Cost to Register your team is $400.00.  

When registering your team, the form will only allow credit card payments to register your team. If you would like to register your team, but would like to pay cash, please contact Joe Hoeup, League Commisioner @ (505) 321-5797 to arrange to make payment in person at The Athlete’s Playground.

Triple Threat 3-on-3 Basketball League Player Accounts & Team Registration

  1. If it will be your first time at The Athlete’s Playground, you will need to fill out our digital release of liability waiver. There is a link on the Triple Threat 3-on-3 page on the athlete’s playground website that will take you straight to the digital form. Otherwise, the following link will allow you to access the digital release of liability waiver.

    The Athlete’s Playground Digital Release of Liability Waiver Link


  2.  Only one player from each team needs to register the team using this form. If one of your teammates has already r registered and paid for your team, please do not proceed, and register your team again.


Please complete the following steps to make sure you and your team
are registered for the league:


Please click on the following button to complete YOUR waiver (Every Team Member MUST have a completed waiver to play):


Now it is time to register your team! IMPORTANT NOTE,  we only need one team registration therefore you will need to designate one person from your team to do this registration.  SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE, ALL team members MUST COMPLETE steps 1 and 2 to be able to participate in the league.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for registering!  We know that you will have a great time competing in the Triple Threat 3-On-3 League as well as utilizing our state of the art facility.  If you have any questions on any of the registration steps, the league or our the TAP facility, please contact:



(505) 321-5797


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