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Memberships & AMENITIES


MONDAY: 5:00AM - 9:30PM | TUESDAY: 5:00AM - 9:30PM | WEDNESDAY: 5:00AM - 9:30PM | THURSDAY: 5:00AM - 9:30PM

FRIDAY: 5:00AM - 9:30PM | SATURDAY: 7:00AM - 4:00PM | SUNDAY: 7:00AM - 12:00PM

when you train or exercise at tap as a member, help is always available if you need help with workouts and exercises

The Athlete’s Playground offers memberships for the entire family. Whether you are an up-and-coming athlete looking to increase your athleticism and performance on the court, field, or track; that individual looking to build more confidence through strength training or weight-loss programs, or simply want to move and feel better by utilizing proper exercise and diet plans, we have a fitness solution for you. 


Gym memberships allow guests to have access the facility during normal business hours of operation and all members have unlimited access to fitness, strength and conditioning, and sports-performance classes. 


Workout and exercises guidance is available If you need help with workouts, exercises, or modifications due to physical limitations. Simply ask one of our coaches or staff members and they will gladly assist you. We want every member to become the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves and the sometimes you need a little guidance or assistance in the beginning or new ideas when exercises get stale after you’ve been in your routine for a few months. Daily workouts are provided for members who want to put the work in, but just are not sure how to efficiently program or put together an effective workout. 


Teenagers are always supervised on the gym floor so that they can maximize their time here without risking injury while working out. We encourage teenagers to ask available strength coaches for help whenever they need it, so they properly learn good form and develop good technique while working out on their own or with friends and teammates. We take it very seriously when it comes to maintaining a clean healthy, safe, and productive training environment. 


If you want to take the instruction further and get more personal with individualized guidance, we have personal training options available.


  • Showers and Locker Rooms

  • Basketball Court

  • 35-Yards of Indoor Training Turf

  • State-of-the-Art Strength Training and Cardio Equipment

  • Adult Strength, Fitness, and Recovery Classes

  • Youth Classes

  • Basketball Leagues

  • Futsol Leagues

  • Dodgeball Legues

  • Child Care (ages 2-6)

  • In-House Chiropractor (additional cost)

  • In-House Physical Therapist (additional cost)

GYM membershipS

MEMBERSHIP COSTS & how to register


The Athletes Playground utilizes self service registration which will allow you to sign-up for memberships, programs and classes directly from the website!  When you see the membership, class or program tht you want to sign-up for, click on the SIGN-UP Button and you will be taken to our registration system.  Once in you will need to click on the REGISTER Button to create a USERNAME & PASSWORD for your new self-service account.  Once you create your username and password, you will log-in to the system and you will find a menu on the left hand side of the screen which will allow you to VIEW YOUR INVOICES, BUY A MEMBERSHIP or PROGRAM, BOOK DAILY SESSIONS & VIEW YOUR SCHEDULE!  You will be able to pay for the registrations from the self-service portal.  If you have any questions or need help registering you can still call our front desk at 505-321-5797.


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